Peer reviewing

Background and reviewing policy

Reviewing is essential to scientific progression and should be performed by qualified peers. I am an applied physicist by training with a specialization in optics. Therefore, I have a strong preference for reviewing manuscripts and grant proposals with a focus on technology. My expertise includes:

  • Detection and characterization of submicron particles (e.g. colloids, extracellular vesicles, lipoproteins, viruses)
  • Development of hardware, particularly optical setups, to study and sort submicrometer particles
  • Flow cytometry
  • Methods to isolate and concentrate extracellular vesicles
  • Standardization of extracellular vesicle measurements

As I lack a proven background in biology, biochemistry, or medicine, I prefer not to review articles or grant proposals with a primary focus on the biology and functions of extracellular vesicles, unless there is a dispute regarding the detection of extracellular vesicles. Please note that also -omics technologies are beyond my scope. To ensure quality referee reports, I accept at maximum two review request at a given time.