I sincerely acknowledge the funding agencies, institutions and companies below for funding my research.

Personal grants

2022 Amsterdam UMC Stimulation policy for scientific research for the appointment of a PhD student. € 250,000 Amsterdam UMC logo 2019
2022 VIDI Count disease-related extracellular vesicles 1000-fold faster (1E3) € 800,000 NWO logo 2022
2017 VENI EV-Radar: Rapid detection and recognition of extracellular vesicles € 250,000 NWO logo 2017
2013 Research Excellence Grant Refractive index determination of extracellular vesicles € 74,871 EURAMET logo 2013

Consortium grants (formal co-applicant)

2020 Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation - Life Sciences & Health 2020 Project Recovery CINTICS: Circulating nano traces to identify the cause of stroke
Consortium leader: Prof. Dr. Yvo Roos
€ 205,850 Hartstichting logo 2018
Health-Holland logo 2018
2020 Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation - Public-Private Partnerships A quantitative and qualitative assessment of EV-miRNAs for signature discovery in liquid biopsies (AQrate)
Consortium leader: Dr. Michiel Pegtel
€ 1,090,760 Amsterdam UMC logo 2019
2019 Perspective Targeted fluorescence inspection of extracellular vesicles as liquid biopsy biomarkers for cancer1 / Medical Photonics (MEDPHOT)2
Consortium leader: Prof. Dr. Johannes de Boer
€ 673,5681
/ € 5,463,7382
NWO logo 2022
2019 Cancer Center Amsterdam PD-L1 on the move: Detecting extracellular vesicle bound PD-L1 for patient stratification
Main applicant: Dr. CaitrĂ­n Crudden
€ 150,000 Amsterdam UMC logo 2019
2018 Metrology for Health Standardisation of concentration measurements of extracellular vesicles for medical diagnoses (METVES II)
Consortium leader: Dr. Rienk Nieuwland
€ 1,814,242 EURAMET logo 2018
2018 Cardiovasculair onderzoek Nederland: Public private partnerships CINTICS: Circulating nano traces to identify the cause of stroke
Consortium leader: Prof. Dr. Yvo Roos
€ 1,151,461 Hartstichting logo 2018Health-Holland logo 2018

Consortium grants based on my PhD thesis3

2014 Perspective New technology for monitoring cancer therapy through extracellular vesicle identity (Cancer-ID)2
Consortium leader: Prof. Dr. Leon Terstappen
€ 5,777,858 STW logo 2014
2012 Metrology for Health Metrological characterization of micro-vesicles from body fluids as non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers (METVES I)
Consortium leader: Dr. Rienk Nieuwland
€ 1,587,359 EURAMET logo 2013
3Due to a frustrating rule of funding agencies, undergraduates cannot be formal co-applicants. The reason remains unknown to this day.


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4In-kind co-financing, in-cash co-financing and contract research.